Tuesday, March 14, 2006

When Do I Sleep?

In case anyone wonders why it seems that I can post to blogs at all hours of the day and when the hell do I sleep, I'’ll give you my work schedule. I work what is called a line shift. Somewhere, someone came up with what is supposed to be the fairest and easiest to adapt to schedule to cover a 24 hour site with 4 operators. It goes like this:

Afternoons: 1PM to 9PM X 7 days Tuesday to Monday
Off X2 days
Days: 5AM to –1PM X 6 days Thursday to Tuesday
Off: X1.75 days
Graveyard: 9PM to 5AM X 7 days Wednesday-Thursday
Off: X5.25days

Now, I have been doing this for over two years now, one would think you would adjust to it. No, you don'’t. My brain and my body are constantly at war, one wants sleep and the other wants to go do something. This frequently results in inertia. I'’m physically ready to tackle a project, but my mind is wandering, or, I'’ve got this great idea to get this done and my body just goes "“it ain'’t gonna happen."

The other fun thing about living like this is try to figure out what you're available for in a month or two on weekends. In order to do this I have to have my handy-dandy schedule (Pictured above).

Easy, no? At some point, at some time, I'’m going to post somewhere, something that anyone who reads it is going to go "“What the Hell??". That is when the accumulation of this rotation has caught up and lapped me. I will probably disappear for a short time to hibernate and resynch my internal clocks.

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white trash republican said...

SoCal, I feel your pain. Back in the early '80s the place where I worked tried to enact a schedule quite similar to your schedule. It was designed by Mr. Satan hisself, to keep you in a state of complete mental and physical fugger-upness.
I gave it 2 weeks and happily quit. They lost alot of employees.