Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The NY Times and Treason

Once again the NY Times has released the details of top secret operations that were in use to track terrorists sworn to destroy the West. The Time's goal, particularly in this case, was not to warn the public of violations of law, as they even wrote that there was nothing they could find that was illegal in the process. Their argument that it could have led to illegal snooping just doesn't cut it.

Personally, I would love to see the editor and writers involved in this charged and sentenced for treason, but according to the law, this cannot happen. A newspaper cannot be prosecuted for what it prints unless it's libelous.

The printing of these stories is really not what upsets me the most. What is most disturbing is the person(s) who gave this information to the press. Someone who had taken an oath not to reveal classified documents to anyone. These are the ones that should be found and tried. If not for their actions there would have been no story to print.

Once these traitors are found, they should be given what ever maximum sentence the Feds can dig out of a jury. Harsh sentencing is needed to show any person who works in State or Intelligence that regardless of their personal feelings about policy, they are only a cog and do not set policy. If they disagree so much they refuse to be involved, resign, it's a free country. At least it is now, but not for long if treason continues to be overlooked.

Monday, June 26, 2006

North Korean Missles

For the past week N. Korea has been threatening to "test" it's new ICBM. One argument have been that we should just go in a blow it up while it's sitting on the launch pad. This isn't a bad idea altogether, but it would be an attack on an soverign nation. I don't beleive that even the Chicom's would be to upset if we did it. They would rant a bit, but would probably be happy if it happened, as I doubt that even they really trust in little Kim's sanity very much.

The other argument is to shoot it down in international airspace with our still unproven SDI system. It would be a big risk in that if we shot at it and didn't take it out, it would point out that the system cannot be counted on (at least not yet) and would spur N Korea to continue it's missile program. However, if we did knock it out of the sky, even though the rocket telemetry would have been receieved by N Korea, they may have second thoughts about investing much more in rockets that will just be shot down before reaching their target.

Monday, June 19, 2006


I just heard on the TV that the guards at Gimo are now under arrest and waiting to see if they will be charged in the suicide of the jihadis that were incarcerated there.

I am trying to figure out how these guards, who are under the most intense scrutiny, could be complicity in the killing these scumbags.

The Red Cross set down the rules that the windows on the doors could be covered so the "personal space" of the prisoners wouldn't be violated, but now that behind these screened windows the prisoner decided to hang themselves, the guards are now at fault for this occurring,

Someone explain this "logic" to me>

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Ain't Dead Yet.

Ever had one of those times in your life where everything seems to dump on you at the same time? That's been my life for the last few weeks.

It started with a busted garage door. The winds caught it, and after a couple of slams up and down, it decided to explode. To install the new door, they need 8 feet of cleared space. My garage was originally set up for a wood shop, but with the hours put in trying to save my old company, then changing jobs and going on a rotating schedule, the garage turned into unorganized storage. If I was going to clean 8 feet, I was just going to go ahead and clean the whole thing and get it back into a work space.

This would have been enough to deal with over a week or so, but now the city has decided that after 35+ years of ignoring our street, they will repave it. The only catch is that they want to put the utilities underground and will require each homeowner to come up with $7,000 each to trench and run conduit to the houses. Knowing that the city is just going to get whatever contractor is available, we have had to form a homeowners association to hire our own contractor. So far, we have almost been able to cut the cost in half, but it is time consuming trying to get a majority of 50 votes on anything.

Going back to the garage door, I had finally gotten to a point where the installers could get there work done and had called and set an appointment, when the wife called and informed me that my kid was at the dentist and needed two fillings and a root canal. In less that 20 minutes I had managed to spend $2,000. I have it, but it makes me dip into funds that I would rather not fool with (sets a bad precedent).

The good news is that the oil company I work for has finally made some progress, after 2 months, in fixing the busted well that has had us shut down. Hopefully we should be back running in about 2 weeks.

The news, what I've been able to see, has just disgusted me. I'm pissed at the Repub's, who have become a bunch of elitist's. They have adopted the same attitude as the Dhimi's of "Just sit back and we'll decide what is best for you".

Hopefully, life will start to smooth out and I can get back into the flow of my old life in the next week or so.