Saturday, April 24, 2010

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Instead of not posting because of laziness or nothing to write about, I'll most likely have an excuse for disappearing for the next five days. I'm heading north to the beautiful city of Beaverton, Or. to see my Mom and my brother.

Mom's not doing great, she's bedridden and the breathing problem she's had for the last 4 or 5 years has gotten real bad. She's in her mid eighties, so I figured I better get my butt up there. She's under hospice care with my brother taking care of her and a visiting nurse coming by to handle the hard stuff. NO MORE HOSPITALS!!!! by her orders.

My brother is suppose to be getting an internet connection by the time I get up there and I'm going to introduce him to the wonderful world of the net. He and my son are best friends and it will allow him to talk to Chris in Korea for free, so that was the selling point.

I know, it seems odd trying to get someone 50 years old to see the benefits of the net, but he thought he was off the grid until I told him about Most of the info is wrong, but mine was close enough to request they pull it off. (Go there and type in your name and see what data they have mined and assumptions made.)

Being this is a last minute trip the cost was a little steep, but I used a lot of the credit card miles I've racked up and being all they had left was first class it cost me $100 more, but it still works out a little less than a regular ticket. Now when I get home I'm going to have to go on a spending spree to build my miles up again so I can go to the RottFest in Texas this June.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to the 50's?

I just turned 56 yesterday. I don't want to go back to the 50's. I don't really remember much about it except having fun playing those now forbidden games of dodge ball, tag, musical chairs at school, and entertaining ourselves with playing war, and throwing dirt clod at each other.

I don't what to go back to the '60's either. Fun times. The Beatles showed up along with all those entertaining hippies, but by the end of the decade I was seeing the cracks between what the "Free Love" generation idealized and what happens in the real world.

The '70's, still mostly a fun time for me. I really, really fell in love for the first time...I actually got engaged, but we grew apart (bummer), but I started working regular jobs (in hospitals), making money and being able to support myself. Made a lot of dumb decisions that taught me about how life works. All the years of my Dad telling me that applying myself would reap benefits started to sink in, although America had hit a low. The Carter years of "don't hope for better because we're past our prime".

The '80's, I hit my prime I had a job that I liked, met a good woman and got married, bought a house, had what turned out to be a great kid, and the country rebounded under Reagan.

'90's...My life was stable, but things stared to change. Job that I liked, but my good woman started to phase herself out of the picture. The owner of my company, and best friend, died and the company was bought by a bunch of yahoo's that didn't understand the oil industry.

'00's, new job at a underfunded company, my wife and I separated, my boy grew up and joined the Army and left the nest.

'10's, we'll see, but it's looking ugly.

The reason for this?

I keep being told that Conservatives want to go back to a period they idealize. I don't! I've lived through five decades and some were good and some sucked, but I don't want to live them again or live them over and over. I love the advancements that have been made in my lifetime, however, I see the pitfall we are leaving to the future generations.

I want my grandchildren to enjoy these advancements, plus more, but with the debt we have already foisted on our children and with the shift to government directing where spending will go, My dreams that my grandchildren will have a better life than me is now just that, a dream.

As of today, I, my wife, and my son each owe $41,500 just to pay off the incurred debt. Ever run up a credit card debt and work to pay it off? It took me a long time to pay off an amount a hell of a lot less than $40K! And that was after I stopped spending. The government just keeps piling additional debt on us and telling us as soon as they can, they promise to stop spending and will pay off the debt....really!!! Any year now.

I am angry! I live on the front lines of what this country is turning to. ( A long read, but worth it) We are turning this country into a system where there are more bureaucrats and government workers than there are people actually producing something besides rules and regulations that they will tax or fine me with.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Poor, Poor State

I really do like living in California. It's a beautiful place and I've lived here my whole life, so even living in L.A. with it's overcrowding doesn't bother me too much, it's normal for me. However the politics and government of the state/county/city has me wanting to escape at the first opportunity.