Friday, March 23, 2012

Ready For The Car Buyer Lottery?

The Supreme Court is going to hear arguments on the Constitutionality of ObamaCare and it's ability to force you to pay for whatever level of health insurance the government deems necessary and appropriate. It matters not if you are a 27 years old guy (under 27, don't worry, you're covered under your parents policy...still, ya slacker) and should be relatively healthy, you will be covered (paying for) your contraceptive pills, abortions and Hoveround.

Once established that your action, or inaction, affects the economy, the government is free to establish any parameter of what you spend your money on. Thinking about buying a new car? Well GM hasn't sold a lot of their crap lately and Kia is selling lot, so to make sure that the wealth is spread evenly the government should set up a lottery on car sales. In order to make sure that GM gets it's “fair share” of sales, you will be assigned to which company you can buy your car from.

If you really, really want that Kia over the “comparable” GM, then all you need to do is pay a fee/penalty of the difference of price to the company you were assigned to...unless you were assigned to buy from Kia and GM's price was higher, then all penalties are waived.