Wednesday, September 27, 2006

DKos Sucks

This is just my opinion and I'll stand by it.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I've Got To Say Something

This man is an ass. He seems to have no recollection of what really happened during his term as president. Now, he may have done no more, or no less than the ones on either side of him, but you cannot just say I did so-and-so and make it the truth. And the last thing you should do is tell people to go read a book to get the facts and then have the book say the opposite of what you just professed. Guess he never read the book, just figured the author would just parrot the points on the list handed out at the end of his term.

The other thing that has bothered me quit a bit about the video that follows, is that here is a past president just jumping into that space we all carry around with us that you just don't enter unless it's for physical reasons, either love or hate. We are not a touchy-feely society, so when someone gets within a foot of you and/or starts touching you, it's either a threat, or to be close with someone you trust. Being he was poking and speaking loudly. I would consider that a threat. I'll give Wallace credit, if someone had done that to me, they would be on their butt. Now Clinton is a big guy, 6' 1" and hefty enough to have to watch his weight, so if he was in my face talking loud (he die keep it below a shout) I would feel threatened.

Go here to watch the video: Clinton vs. Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” Update: Wallace asked Rumsfeld same question in ‘04

And if you think this is the first time Clinton has threatened the press, here he is letting that poor Canadian Peter Jennings know where he stands. Clinton points finger at Jennings, enraged at moral questioning (more video added).

I think that the message was clear, you don't question what I did with facts, because if my wife gets elected President, we've got another 4 to 8 years to make your life hell, and we will.

Louisiana and New Orleans have Seceded From the Union Again

How else do you explain this?
the City of New Orleans persisted in desperately clinging to its anti-gun agenda by contemptuously arguing just the opposite--that the Second Amendment does not apply to residents in the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans.

Seems to me that the only way you could argue that ANY part of the Constitution would not apply to you would be if you were no longer a part of the United States.

Monday, September 25, 2006


A few of us were sitting around the office BSing today as the site is still down and there wasn't anything to do. We started out with some of the stupid stuff we did as kids that really should have maimed us badly if it didn't kill us outright. We all said that our kids don't seem to go out and stir up trouble like we did.

One guy who's Dad was career Army said his family didn't get a TV till he was 11 and permanently stationed state side, so he would be out of the house as quick as he could. The rest of us all had TV's, but Saturdays, cartoons were over at 10:00 AM, so we'd scoot until it was dinner time.

We didn't have computers, cell phones, DVD players that seem to keep kids in the house most of the day. I lived in the mountains just north of Los Angeles, so we'd be up the canyon having BB gun wars and digging mines, or just wandering the hills.

When we got to the asinine things we did with cars, we all talked about that first POS that we bought and spent half the time repairing. The water pump, the brakes that were shot when we got it and we put another 5,000 miles on till the squeal got annoying because we didn't have the cash being we had to buy the damn water pump. A car that squealed, but ran, was better than as safe car that wouldn't run.

When we started to talk about how nowadays you can't work on cars due to all the computers, we realized that anyone we had hired that was born after the mid 70's does not seem to have any mechanical skills. Most kids you hire for working a job that involves repair work, you literally have to start at the beginning with what a tool is and how to use it properly.

There are no Shop classes in Middle School, no Auto Shop in High School. They don't offer trade clases, everything is geared towards college or the technical fields. It's good to design a new device that will catch a mouse more efficiently, but who is going to build the damn thing?

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ah, Sunday

I'm relatively sure the Raiders were able to get through this Sunday without losing. Next week is the big test, the fearsome Cleveland Browns. a loss next week and I can pretty much give up the season.

I'm leaning for going for the Seahawks, but their 4th quarter play today unsettled me a little. Leading 42-3 going into the 4th, they proceeded to give up 27 unanswered points to win 42-30. It may wake them up to the fact that no matter what your lead, don't let up till the game is over. I'm sure that Coach Mike Holmgren will explain this to the team.

My condolences to GuyK who's team lost their QB due to a ruptured spleen. A iffy year to begin with, I guess this will go down as a training year and a chance to get some high draft picks next year. Just don't take all the good offensive linemen. The Raiders could use about six.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

One More Thing

I couldn't help it. I just had to sneak back out of bed to play with the new toy one more time.

I said in the previous post that Pink Floyd and bowie share the number one spot, so I just couldn't short-shift Pink Floyd. I picked the title track form MY favorite album of theirs. "Wish You Were Here".

Trying Some New Stuff

It's Saturday and I had a shitty day at work. All the parameters for selling natural gas were in the green, but the damn Gas Co. equipment went kaput. I had to shut down the entire site till Monday because we have no where for the gas to go. It will be a long boring shift at work tomorrow and the Raiders have a bye, so I can't just sit in the office and watch my team play. I can watch the Seahawks-Giants game and the Denver*spit*-*spit*New England*spit*(How do you root for both teams to lose?).

So anyway, here are the things that I wanted to try.

1) Putting a picture, somewhere besides the top of the post.

That worked very well. Why I didn't think of that a long time ago is beyond me. I probably could have asked one of the other Blogsnot users that I visit how they did it, but I'm hardheaded and sometimes just like to figure it out the hard way on my own.

2) Embed a YouTube player and have it work.

This is to easy.

I picked Bowie because he and Pink Floyd are sharing the number one spot in the Rock'n'Roll category. I picked this song just because it's newer and on the album the last line during the fade out where he's listing all the people that say "hi", he includes 'Your big fat dog" which just cracked me up the first time I caught it. We had a Lab, that was a runt, so her legs were a little shorter than normal and she got very round as she got older and I would just call her "Fat Dog". A dumb story I know, but I started to give you the reason and that's it.

Well, this went well for attempting new things, so I think I'll leave off here before I try something and mess up and have to stay up all night trying to repair the damage.

New Attitude

I have a problem with my posting and I just realized what it was. I have things to say, but by the time it comes to post my thoughts, I have been to numerous sites that, I feel, have said what I wanted to say, and said it so much better.

Starting tomorrow, or maybe today, being it’s after midnight already, I’m just going to go ahead and post on whatever it is that bugs me at the moment.

For some reason I thought that people who had read something on one of the popular blogs I go to, would stop by mine and go “Oh, he just lifted that from there”. Well, I do go to a lot of sights that reflect my leanings, so yes it may be a rehash or conglomeration of other sites, but if I write it down, it means I believe it.

I’m not a writer and have never been known for my scathing commentary, but this site was for me to put down what I feel, for myself. I only have to learn to let my sarcastic side out when I write. A lot of people won’t get it, but tough, like I said, this was started for me.

Let’s see how this goes.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Hey Muslim Mo'fo's

Have I got your attention now?

I have a simple question. It's really not hard to answer, it's just yes or no, but I want the answer what is in your heart.
Pretty simple isn't it? The only problem is all I hear is that we do not respect your religion and then you destroy someone or something. How about respecting my beliefs?

I'll allow you some time, not a lot, to decided. Are you going to let me go on and live my life as I see fit, or, because I will not accept Islam, I must be killed or degrinated by Dhimmitude?

Let me know because the way you are acting now, I just figure you want me dead because of my belief, and you ae going to have a fight on your hands if that's what it comes to.

In the mean time, don't mind if I keep you at arms length, cause I cannot trust you. Your mullahs say death me me and mine, yet you say we all should just get along. You tell me who I should believe or trust?

You may say that I'm judging all muslims by the acts that I see on TV with the killing of Nuns and burning of churches, well, yes I am. You give me a good reason to ignore your actions and "fatwahs" against everything you percieve to be a slight and maybe I'll change my mind. Like always, it'll be....*crickets chiping*.

Admitting the Truth

If you wonder why you should read blogs, I think this is a good example. To get a perspective from people that have been through what we try to grasp and nail that feeling that just won't gel, but we know is there.

From doc Russia
we are apparently doing everything but killing people and breaking things which is exactly what winning a war is all about. He who killls more people and breaks more things generally wins a war. But we are not doing that. No, instead we are talking about what kind of memorials to erect "to commemorate the courage and the sacrifice of those who died." Hey! aside from flight 93 (which certainly should be a lesson to us all), and except for maybe Rescorla, most of those people were just victims.

...And we just love our victims.

We are at war! If you do not want to recognise that fact, then I pity you and the world you are willing to leave to your children. They will never know the freedoms afforded by the system of government founded back in 1776. They will also never see the world you envisioned where every culture is equally "revered". The people we are fighting want their ideals imposed on all, and you, nor your children will never have a say in it.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Long Season

It took me 24 hours to pull out of my funk regarding the prospects for the Raiders this year and I have resigned myself to a long and unhappy season.

At first I was blaming lack of production on Brooks not fitting into the scheme, but now it's obvious that the raiders just have no, none, nada front offensive line. They can't stop the rush for 4 seconds, they can't stop the rush for 2 seconds. If the opposing team didn't have to run over them just by their bodies being there, we could just eliminate those positions.

The high point of the game for me was the defense. Playing the whole first quarter, outside of the few plays where the offense just gave the ball back to the other team, held the Ravens to just 3 field goals.

Next week at least we have a 50-50 chance of not hurting ourselves---we have a bye. Then the test. We have Cleveland and San Francisco, if we can't win these games, then I'm going to have to pick another team for the rest of the year. I'll still be a Raider fan and watch and root for them, but reality has to take hold at some point and I can't be completely depressed for the next year hoping for the impossible.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Vaudeville Night Again

It's that time where we once again get to celebrate the old time entertainment, before TV, movies or radio. Vaudeville...the precursor to the variety show.

The thing that amazes me most about this yearly hadj to this event for my wife and I, is that my 17 year old son has looked forward to this every year.

The main difference this year is that they have a new headline act, instead of "Ian Whitcomb and his Bungalow Boys" (who are very good) they have "Janet Klien and her Parlor Boys".

Here's the lineup:
Opening the show will be
America’s enchanting ukelele chanteuse JANET KLEIN and her Parlor Boys
playing nostalgic music from the vaudeville era.

Then, live on stage will be:

Who's On First?
Tribute to Abbott & Costello

Jovial Jaunty Juggling
Masterful Manual Manipulations

Maestro of the Glass Harmonica
Creator of Crystal Melodies

From Bulgaria!
Masters of Magical Transformations

True to the vaudeville genre, the evening concludes on the big screen with a Walter Lantz cartoon BROADWAY BOW WOW'S and Charlie Chaplin’s, 1916 comedy classic ONE A.M. starring the loveable tramp and to close, Buster Keaton in PARDON MY BERTH MARKS.

And if Lady Heather ever drops by, just to make her jealous, here is what we get in November:
Larry, Moe and Curly!
9th Annual Three Stooges ™ Big Screen Event!

We celebrate the 9th year of our popular “Stooge-fest,” a collection of five classic short subjects cherry picked from the Columbia Pictures’ vaults by our blue ribbon panel of Stooge-o-philes.

This year our theme will be:“Saving Private Curly... Stooges in Arms”

Each of the shorts has some sort of military or wartime theme.

I’ll Never Heil Again (1941)
Three Little Sew and Sews (1939)
Boobs in Arms (1940)
Uncivil Warriors (1935)
Fuelin’ Around (1949)

Plus there will be a surprise clip from a great Three Stooges™ film to cap off the program.

Come join us for the wacky Thanksgiving weekend event that has become a holiday tradition for Stooge fans of all ages.

Friday, September 15, 2006

They Expect Me To Work

After 7 months with the site being down and having no production of oil or gas (hence no company income) we got the OK from the Gas Company to start seeling gas. The main problem with this, is that the State of California won't let us start pummping the oil producing wells until next week. If we can't pump the wells, we can't get the oil and water out of the way to let the gas out. This means we get a very low flow of gas that is wet from passing through a few thousand feet of liquid.

The gas we sell has limits on BTU's and inerts. Max But's = 1150 and max inerts = 4.001. In order to get the BTU's down to where they can be sold, we refrigerate the gas through two "bundles", "A" & "B". With the low flow and amount of liquid suspended in the gas, the bundles have a tendency to freeze, so you get about two hours on one side until it freezes up, then you switch to the other. The valves are stiff as hell and about 6 1/2 feet off the ground. I have opened and closed these valves so many times over the last three days that my shoulders and neck are screaming from yanking on those bastards.

I should also mention that I am the lucky SOB on graveyard shift. Alone and in the dark (half our lights are out and "we can't afford to buy light bulbs at this time").

The "best" thing about this whole start up is that all the automated valves and limiters that haven't been used for the last seven months and were only borderline working back then, are now not functioning. This means the Operator's are now tasked with being human actuators. We get to scurry from one end of the production pit to the other opening and closing valves, trying to keep things balanced.

My best night was the second day of running the site, I start at 9 PM and at 9:30 I got my first alarm. It wasn't something big, just a scrubber was filling with liquid, I just figured the guy I relieved had missed it being we had been off for so long and it would take everyone a few days to get back into swing remembering all the things to check at end of shift.

When the same alarm went of at 10:00, I started searching for what could cause it and found that my whole gas system was full of water. This is not a good thing. Liquid causes the bundles to freeze and if it hits our gas compressor can destroy it. It took me until amost 4 AM to find where it was coming from, someone had the bright idea of running the water/gas well we had pumping through a different separator that had been non-fuctional, but "they had fixed" and neglected to inform the next operator of this change. The fix had obviously lasted for a few hours, because the guy I releved hadn't had any major problems, but by the time I came on, hell was at the doorstep.

On top of the adventure of trying to running all night solving this mystery, I got to pull a double shift and stay through to 1 PM to cover "relief day" being we had someone quit a few weeks ago and haven't hired anyone to replace him. Then it's 8 hours off and back to work. I was so wound up when I got home, I couldn't get to sleep, then the wife got home just after four and Ralph, my 83 pound dog, decided the shortest route to greeting Mom was across my stomach. so I was up, having gotten maybe three hours sleep. Back to work by 9 PM and another shift of being a human actuator. This night was not bad, just busy.

I am now on my "long change", off for 5 1/2 days and boy do I need it. I sleep for 13 hours straight on Thursday, which is amazing. If Ralph took the shortcut across me, I didn't notice.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Case for Rage and Retribution

My first inclination was to just have the simple post below and let everyone keep their own thoughts on this day, but, going through my daily blogs, I came across as article quoted at Right Wing Nation that caused me to change my mind. this was just to powerful to not pass on.

The Case for Rage and Retribution

Posted Wednesday, Sep. 12, 2001

For once, let's have no "grief counselors" standing by with banal consolations, as if the purpose, in the midst of all this, were merely to make everyone feel better as quickly as possible. We shouldn't feel better.

For once, let's have no fatuous rhetoric about "healing." Healing is inappropriate now, and dangerous. There will be time later for the tears of misfortune note.

A day cannot live in infamy without the nourishment of rage. Let's have rage. What's needed is a unified, unifying, Pearl Harbor sort of purple American fury—a ruthless indignation that doesn't leak away in a week or two, wandering off into Prozac-induced forgetfulness or into the next media sensation (O.J. … Elián … Chandra …) or into a corruptly thoughtful relativism (as has happened in the recent past, when, for example, you might hear someone say, "Terrible what he did, of course, but, you know, the Unabomber does have a point, doesn't he, about modern technology?").

Let America explore the rich reciprocal possibilities of the fatwa. A policy of focused brutality does not come easily to a self-conscious, self-indulgent, contradictory, diverse, humane nation with a short attention span. America needs to relearn a lost discipline, self-confident relentlessness—and to relearn why human nature has equipped us all with a weapon (abhorred in decent peacetime societies) called hatred.

As the bodies are counted, into the thousands and thousands, hatred will not, I think, be a difficult emotion to summon. Is the medicine too strong? Call it, rather, a wholesome and intelligent enmity—the sort that impels even such a prosperous, messily tolerant organism as America to act. Anyone who does not loathe the people who did these things, and the people who cheer them on, is too philosophical for decent company.

It's a practical matter, anyway. In war, enemies are enemies. You find them and put them out of business, on the sound principle that that's what they are trying to do to you. If what happened on Tuesday does not give Americans the political will needed to exterminate men like Osama bin Laden and those who conspire with them in evil mischief, then nothing ever will and we are in for a procession of black Tuesdays.

This was terrorism brought to near perfection as a dramatic form. Never has the evil business had such production values. Normally, the audience sees only the smoking aftermath—the blown-up embassy, the ruined barracks, the ship with a blackened hole at the waterline. This time the first plane striking the first tower acted as a shill. It alerted the media, brought cameras to the scene so that they might be set up to record the vivid surreal bloom of the second strike ("Am I seeing this?"), and then—could they be such engineering geniuses, so deft at demolition?—the catastrophic collapse of the two towers, one after the other, and a sequence of panic in the streets that might have been shot for a remake of The War of the Worlds or for Independence Day. Evil possesses an instinct for theater, which is why, in an era of gaudy and gifted media, evil may vastly magnify its damage by the power of horrific images.

It is important not to be transfixed. The police screamed to the people running from the towers, "Don't look back!"—a biblical warning against the power of the image. Terrorism is sometimes described (in a frustrated, oh-the-burdens-of-great-power tone of voice) as "asymmetrical warfare." So what? Most of history is a pageant of asymmetries. It is mostly the asymmetries that cause history to happen—an obscure Schickelgruber nearly destroys Europe; a mere atom, artfully diddled, incinerates a city. Elegant perplexity puts too much emphasis on the "asymmetrical" side of the phrase and not enough on the fact that it is, indeed, real warfare. Asymmetry is a concept. War is, as we see, blood and death.

It is not a bad idea to repeat a line from the 19th century French anarchist thinker Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: "The fecundity of the unexpected far exceeds the prudence of statesmen." America, in the spasms of a few hours, became a changed country. It turned the corner, at last, out of the 1990s. The menu of American priorities was rearranged. The presidency of George W. Bush begins now. What seemed important a few days ago (in the media, at least) became instantly trivial. If Gary Condit is mentioned once in the next six months on cable television, I will be astonished.

During World War II, John Kennedy wrote home to his parents from the Pacific. He remarked that Americans are at their best during very good times or very bad times; the in-between periods, he thought, cause them trouble. I'm not sure that is true. Good times sometimes have a tendency to make Americans squalid. The worst times, as we see, separate the civilized of the world from the uncivilized. This is the moment of clarity. Let the civilized toughen up, and let the uncivilized take their chances in the game they started.

5 Years

It's been five years since the nation was shocked into reality by the barbaric acts of men who have no qualms of killing innocent people to further their goal of dragging the world back into the seventh century.

It still seems like it happened yesterday, I don't think there is a day that passes that the images of the Twin Towers and Pentagon don't creep into my thoughts.

I recommend stopping by the "2996 Project" and reading some of the tributes to the people who's lives were cut way to short that day. (Bring a hankie)

You should also go to "Never Forgive, Never Forget", particularly if you haven't seen the video before.

Friday, September 08, 2006


2,996 is a tribute to the victims of 9/11.

On September 11, 2006, 2,996 volunteer bloggers
will join together for a tribute to the victims of 9/11.
Each person will pay tribute to a single victim.

We will honor them by remembering their lives,
and not by remembering their murderers.

Dale Roe has organized this. Please stop by his site Monday and read some of the posts.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Saturday Blog

This is my Saturday and it's too damn hot (over 100) to go outside and try to do anything.

We had a long discussion on the Rott about the football coach that blindsided the kid for the alleged illegal block after the play. I went and looked at the video and played Replay Official, running it back and forth and came to the following conclusions:

1. The whistle was late, the runner went down then there was a couple of seconds till the whistle. Of course these are not professional refs, but the rules are you play til the whistle and your assignment is the guy in front of you.

2. The hit occurred simulataniously with the whistle.

3. The hit most likely wasn't illegal. From the way the white shirt went down, on his back, that would point to being blocked front or side. White shirt could probably see the runner go down and relaxed, but the other guy is focused on who to block, he dosen't watch the ball.

4. A flying forearm to the back of the head was not the way to handle this.

This was an overreaction on this Dad's part. His son got up and was heading for the sidelines, his demeanor did not indicate he felt he was wronged. His first reaction seemed to be "“Where'’s Dad going?"

The answer to these things is to put your biggest fastest guy on the supposed offender a few plays later and make sure he goes down hard.

When I first saw it on TV, I couldn't hear the whistle and the block went by so fast it was hard to see what happened and I thought it was way illegal, but you play til the whistle and the refs were a bit slow. The block may have been boaderline, but not deserving of what that Dad did.

If you've been trying to figure out the Lebanese ambulance thing and whether it was attack by missile, machine gun, axe? I ran across a couple of sites, the first one is about every detail you could want on what is know and said, The Red Cross Ambulance Incident via zombietime. The other is a simple video, but does add to the argument that the MSM is going to have to add another layer of fact checkers to the 70,000 they claim to already have. Rocket Ride (Hezbollywood Remix)
at The Jawa Report.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

It Was 61 Years Ago , Today

While the normal celebration of the victory Over Japan is August 14, the official end of the occurred today with the signing of the Unconditional Surrender of the Japanese Empire.

How times have changed. Japan attacks us, and we go all out to defeat the enemy. People died, lots of people died, but we knew this was something that had to be taken to a definite and unambiguous conclusion.

moslems attack us and we start with the navel gazing trying to figure out why they would want to do that. I do not care what their reason is, that they want my family, friends, and acquaintances dead is all the reason I need.

When someone declares war on you, you fight the fucking war to win. Afterwards you can work out the differences.

Japan hated us and were taught that we were inferior and not worthy of respect. Well, we won, so I guess we weren't inferior and Japan is now one of the most properous countries in the world and an ally. Not a bad turnout for us imperialistic Americans.

The same has to be applied to islam, as long as their creed is to subjucate us, we have to fight them until they no longer afford to attack us. Then we'll figure out how to deal with our differences.