Friday, September 22, 2006

Hey Muslim Mo'fo's

Have I got your attention now?

I have a simple question. It's really not hard to answer, it's just yes or no, but I want the answer what is in your heart.
Pretty simple isn't it? The only problem is all I hear is that we do not respect your religion and then you destroy someone or something. How about respecting my beliefs?

I'll allow you some time, not a lot, to decided. Are you going to let me go on and live my life as I see fit, or, because I will not accept Islam, I must be killed or degrinated by Dhimmitude?

Let me know because the way you are acting now, I just figure you want me dead because of my belief, and you ae going to have a fight on your hands if that's what it comes to.

In the mean time, don't mind if I keep you at arms length, cause I cannot trust you. Your mullahs say death me me and mine, yet you say we all should just get along. You tell me who I should believe or trust?

You may say that I'm judging all muslims by the acts that I see on TV with the killing of Nuns and burning of churches, well, yes I am. You give me a good reason to ignore your actions and "fatwahs" against everything you percieve to be a slight and maybe I'll change my mind. Like always, it'll be....*crickets chiping*.

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