Monday, August 25, 2008

If I'm Gone

I made it! Got through my last day at work and am ready to relax for the next ten days. Tomorrow I've got some errands to take care of, just little things like finally clearing up my truck registration, get food for the kid to eat while I'm gone, laundry. Wednesday is pack up and go over the truck once to reduce any possible troubles while on the road. Looking at the weather in Phoenix, I better get new wiper blades as thunder showers are predicted. I've never seen it just rain in Phoenix, it's either dry and hotter than hell, or deluge.

I'm really looking forward to the drive (Hah!), I've made it about 30 times, but I was much younger then. I once made the drive from my parents driveway in San Pedro to the parking lot of my Frat in Tempe in 5 hours and 55 minutes, and this was back in the days that I-10 came to a stop in Buckeye and you had to take back roads for the last. Out off 360 odd miles total, the last 45 were "interesting".

No going for records this time, I just want to get there. I'm hoping to leave L.A. around 4-5 AM, beating any traffic. I'll stop in Blythe for something to eat, then the final run, so I'll land there around noon.

Steve assures me that they have the internet in Arizona, but whether I'll get around to posting is dicey. My intention is to live blog the weekend, but I've hung with these guys a long time, so a 3 AM blog of "wEnt to teh place today to get something that jOe needed and we got lost and had to go badk home to member what we left for anyways", isn't something I want to look back on. Nor would you like to read it, I'm sure.

Once in Phoenix, my truck doesn't move. I've been out of that town too long so I won't recognize anything. I'll make an exception if I can meet with friends from the net, but that will be early enough that I can find my way.

I can't say it enough, after two years of life just sucking (work and home), to have 10 days for just ME has me het up something awful.


One more day at work, then ten days off. Vacation...a real vacation. My last two vacations had to deal with my Dad's passing, necessary, but not overly relaxing.

This one's for me. Thursday, I drive to Phoenix and meet up with two of my best friends, both from college (ASU). I was enrolled, they actually graduated. We belonged to ΘΔΧ, at the time I was there we were about a step to a step and a half above "Animal House". Our chapter got kicked off campus and folded about three years after I left, but damn, those were some fun times.

Steve, the guy who still lives in Phoenix, actually Glendale, but it's all one big metropolis now-a-days, has made plans to my liking for a vacation. He just had a pool put in so we're going to sit in the pool, drink beer and watch football on the TV he's going to move outside. Except for the big plan of going to Laughlin for one day and leaving a bunch of money in their Video Poker machines, it's just float, eat, drink and BS for 4 days.

Pam, Steve's wife, is a paragon. She has put up with our get togethers for all these years, and still says she loves us. She has always denied it, but I think she hated our guuutttsss!!!! back in college before they were married. We were constantly trying to drag Steven into doing stupid stuff with us. She was right, but we felt she was keeping Steve from having fun.

Pam you were right, and most likely the reason he's still alive today.

The other guy is flying out from Alabama with his wife. Joe has been a rock in my life for the last 20+ years. He's a psychotherapist and boy have there been times I've needed one. He's always been there for me, as long as I remember the time difference (he did chew my ass out once for calling at 11PM..1AM his time on a weekday, and I haven't forgotten since). He knows me better than most and goes beyond "Councilor Troi" crap of "How do YOU feel about that?" and gives his opinion. I never follow his advise, but a year later, I can see he was on the right track.

Joe's wife, Jaana, is coming with him. This is a rare treat for me. I've seen her just twice since they got married, long ago. She's Finnish and between my decrepit hearing and her accent...we have some interesting conversations. She's a beautiful person, both physically and mentally. I've called many times when Joe wasn't home and held long conversations with her. She has always accepted me as a friend of Joe's, therefore I'm a friend of hers.

I am soooo looking forward to next weekend!!!

Dana, if you've dropped by, Steve has to work Saturday, so I'm free for lunch. We can meet somewhere. You don't know me and I'm sure you don't want some freak from L.A. knowing where you live. I'll try to get in touch in the next few days. Also any Rotties in the area, I'd love to meet ya. Drop an E-mail, it's on the sidebar.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hither, Thither and Yon

I had a relatively slow day at work today and got my project done early, so I was able to watch the second half of my RAIDERS get their ass kicked, 24-0, by the (OH, this hurts!!) Arizona Cardinals. So I ended up cruising Fox News and ran across some interesting stuff.

Before I get to those stories, I'd like to have you drop by my friends BlackisWhite's site and read his excellent fisking of a Slate article explaning that if the Obamamessiah isn't elected it just prove to the world that we're all racists.

Why the Self-Appointed Cognoscenti Aren't
Ok, my turn.

I suppose I have to mention the "big" story of the day.

Mr. HopeyChangey selected his running mate, who upon getting the news reversed his opinion of his, up till then, wise and trustworthy friend.

Out of the Gate, Biden Strikes Hard at McCain

In the above article the number of house's ker-fluffle is brought up.

Obama, McCain trade barbs over housing issues

Actually, McCain personally doesn't own even one house, let alone 8. His money is separate from his very rich wife's, and she owns all the houses. Some have relatives living them and some are investments and some are places they spend part of the year. It was a gotcha moment, If he gave the number he and Cindy use, he's hiding information (or got Alzheimer). If he had given the correct number, he's accused of being rich and exploiting the little people. I'm still trying to figure out why it is so evil for honest people to be rich.

I think McCain's situation is better than Obama's, where his deal for his MANSION is worked out by a guy that is so crocked that his ass is in jail now.


Cavuto gives a clue about what to expect as our populace demands that the government bail them out of any stupid mistake or decision.
Well damn, who'd of thunk?

Illegal Immigrants Returning to Mexico in Record Numbers

DALLAS — Illegal immigrants are returning home to Mexico in numbers not seen for decades — and the Mexican government may have to deal with a crush on its social services and lower wages once the immigrants arrive.

The Mexican Consulate's office in Dallas is seeing increasing numbers of Mexican nationals requesting paperwork to go home for good, especially parents who want to know what documentation they'll need to enroll their children in Mexican schools.

Better they deal with their unemployed than us. Funny thing about being here illegally, for all the safety nets provided, when there is a downturn in the economy, unemployment insurance isn't one of them, although I'm sure Congress will get right on that over site.

The illegal immigrant population in the U.S. has dropped 11 percent since August of last year, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. Its research shows 1.3 million illegal immigrants have returned to their home countries.

Jeez! No jobs and they go home voluntarily? Guess we'll have to cut back on the order for all those buses we ordered to deport them.

Advocates for immigrants are disturbed by the trend. Albert Ruiz, an organizer for the League of United Latin American Citizens, agrees that more undocumented immigrants are going home — but says families are being torn apart in the process.

If a father is deported, Ruiz says, his family members in America are forced either to fend for themselves or follow him to a country where they've never even lived.

"So the mother is saying we should return home with the breadwinner of the family to Mexico, and the children are saying, I don't want to leave, I'm a U.S. citizen, I don't know that country," said Ruiz.

I am so sorry that Senor Ruiz is disturbed by this trend, and G-d am I tired of this "families torn apart" meme. If I break the law just bad enough to be family would be torn apart also. Does that mean I get off?

I can't decide whether this surprises me or not?

A New Focus on Faith at the Democratic Convention

Do I believe them? No.

The Pew Forum polls after the 2000 and 2004 elections showed that the Democrats were perceived as unfriendly to faith. And for the last two presidential elections, the Democrats have suffered defeat at the hands of the GOP. The GOP has been a magnet for the faith vote. But if Democrats have their way, that may be changing.

Not likely. When damn near every policy they put forward restricts or flies in the face of religion, it's hard to take them seriously.

For the first time the Democratic National Convention has a “Faith Caucus.” In fact, “faith” will have a higher profile at the Democratic National Convention than it has ever had before. The reason? The Democratic Party has been aggressively going after the “God vote” since at least 2004.
[emphasis: mine]

They may have been going after, but the peons ain't buying.

And reaching out they are. On Sunday an “Interfaith Gathering”, as mentioned before, will officially launch the Democratic National Convention. All the major religions will be represented: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists. Daughtry says (on the DNC’s Web site) that the Interfaith Gathering is the best way to “kick off a week-long celebration to showcase our Party’s nominee, our strength, our diversity and our shared values. “

In addition to the Interfaith Gathering on Sunday, there’ll be two Faith Caucus meetings, one titled “How an Obama Administration Will Engage People of Faith,” the other “Getting Out the Faith Vote”. Plus, one member of the clergy from a different faith will open and close (give the invocation and benediction) each of the DNC’s evening programs.

First off, what happened to that separation of Church and State thing? Invocations at a political event? G-d, they don't want anyone to forget they are all on that faith thing, opening AND closing.

Now all of this is very Kum Ba Yah, but according to pundits and pollsters, the Democrats’ increased faith effort has not helped Sen. Obama cut into the evangelical vote. In fact, according to a new survey by the Pew Forum, Obama’s appeal to evangelicals is about the same as fellow Democrat John Kerry’s was four years ago – around 25 percent. Talk about a tepid response to a hot pursuit!

We may be religious, but we ain't stoopid. There are readin's in the Good Book about those who will try to use The Word agin ya.

The Pew Forum’s Michael Cromarty says the reason could be that even though Obama is much more comfortable speaking the language of faith than Senator Kerry, his and the Democrats’ platform, aren’t connecting with evangelicals. Evangelicals, he says “are interested in policy not just language.”

Ah!! There's the rub. They can invite us in all they want, but just talking the talk doesn't make them one of us, and when I know you're going to propose legislation that is against everything I believe in, your pretty words don't convince me.

But I guess regardless of whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, faith is a matter of function, not form. Every day all of us are walking, talking billboards for what we believe. And our voting choices reflect those beliefs — they also reflect what we believe about how we should live and the way in which we should treat our fellow human beings. But the problem with politics is that even though government can create policies to ease or increase our burdens, ultimately policies can’t save our souls. But sometimes parties and politicians campaign as if they can. And that certainly makes any election…. very interesting.

Concern about faith by the Dhimi's is a lie. I think they honestly beleive that we are like their other followers and will listen to what they say today without looking at what they did yesterday or plan to do tomorrow.


Just for amusement, a bikini clad waitress nails a perv who thinks that just because she has "provocative" clothing on, she wants it.

Coffee Confrontation

I just hope the SOB is married and has to explain to his wife why his nuts got scalded.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

15 Year Old Mexican Indian Virgins

A year ago, a friend and fellow blogger GuyK, suggested that if one were desperate for hits, use a title like "14 Year Old Mexican Indian Virgins". My girls are now another year older.

The reason I bring this up is that I have sitemeter to just get an idea of how many people come by. I sometimes check to see from where they came by and I think I've been hit at least once by about every country in the world. They may just click through, but in that weird internet way, I was connected to someone on the other side of the world.

I have the free sitemeter service, so it only keeps track of the last 100 connections, but 37% of my last 100 were looking for 14 Year Old Mexican Indian Virgins.

In the coming years I'll try to remember to bump the age up a year so we can find out when Mexican Indian Virgins loose their appeal.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Numb II

To all my friends who have stopped by and checked on me, "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!"

Of course I have to get a Smog Check on my truck, she'll pass, but just another hoop that life is going to make me clear before a semblance of sanity returns.

Oh, yeah...I managed to lose my ATM/debit card. Life is....interesting.

I'm still in a pissy mood, but there is always a sliver of optimism somewhere on the fringe. It's just my nature.

If I live through this week (ending Tuesday, Aug. 25th), I'm taking a weeks vacation and driving to Phoenix to see two of my closest friends and their wives. With the weekend days, I'm away from work for 10 days. YEEEHAW!!! And when I go back, I'm on graveyard, so nobody bothers me, then my 5 day "long change" off. This would normally mean I wouldn't see anyone for three weeks, but I'll wait and post about the interesting twist, dropped on me today, of when I have to be at work for another post (hint: lotsa easy OT).

You knew it was coming. So I won't disappoint.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Ever get to one of those points in your life where everything you need to do is a burden? That's where I've been the last few weeks.

My home life isn't in the best shape. Wife's out of state and I'm not sure she's coming back, or if I care. Kid's reacting to this by being a sloucher. Chores not done, never home...not being defiant, but pushing back and I'm the only one he's got to push against.

Work is crap. All the guys I work with are fighting with each other. They keep trying to drag me onto their side of why so-and-so is an ass, well I have to work the ass also, and I haven't had a major problem with them, so leave me out of it.

Escrow can't close on the company until November, so things are just going to stay the same at least until then.

Politics...I hate that McCain is the GOP nominee and I fear Obama. Nuff said.

Last week I noticed my registration on my truck expired in June and I hadn't gotten a renewal notice. Found out my wife didn't pay my insurance back in March and the state of California canceled my tags. Damn good thing I'm a good driver, no insurance and an illegal truck for 4 months.

On top of this, my license expired in April. That piece of paper, that didn't get passed on to me, would have been just a sign and return for an another extension, now required a trip to the DMV. I couldn't register my truck until I got insurance, and I couldn't get insurance until I got my license reinstated. First two steps completed as of today. Tomorrow we get the registration straight.

Numb is how I've been.