Saturday, August 24, 2013

Don't ya hate being bored

I'm bored!

And you know what? Going out and shooting a human being isn't even on my radar of how to offset this feeling.

I've got guns, but as much as they've called to me with their siren song, I don't hear them. Must be I can't hear it...all those years of rock and roll, although the tinnitus drives me insane.

I was bored as a kid.

Do you know what my friends and I did?

We hiked up into the hills and dug caves/gold mines, we drug wagons up the fire roads to the top of the mountain and had races down.

We hiked to the waterfall (about 12 ft tall with a trickle of moisture cascading over it) and spent the afternoons dreaming about what we could do.

As we got older...

Grass clod wars (you could take someone off their feet with a properly thrown fling)

BB gun wars (stopped after a year, when in spite of heavy jackets, helmets and shop goggles, we came damn close to putting someones eye out...don't tell our parents!!!)

We rode our bike to the little town near us and annoyed the shop owners by shopping/dreaming over their merchandise. (No thought of stealing as we had all at one time or another "taken" a pack of gum or caught...and had to return it, apologise to the manager, then got out hide tanned.)

Hiking to the waterfall and spending the afternoons dreaming about what we could do.

As teenagers...

Cruise Foothill Blvd.. Start in La Canada and see if you could make it to Tujunga without hitting stop light (about 7 miles)

Do the stalker thing with whoever your friends next love will be. (OOO, her bedroom light is on at 9 PM, she isn't dating someone else, so maybe I should call her!!!!) (He won't)

Drive like a complete idiot at too high a speed for your parents sedan. ( We did this over "The Crest", the Angeles Forest Highway, a good speed run from La Canada to Sunland was thrilling for the driver and the poor passengers. Nothing but twisty-turny road.)

Hiking to the waterfall and spending the afternoons dreaming about what we could do.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Damn...It's been a year

I was gone, but Facebook kind of took over the few time I wanted to post.

I'm a little bit more comfortable posting in short bursts, but I would like to keep this avenue open.

Haven't figured out how to work this out yet, but I think I'll try to use this is I ever want to do a major rant and link back to it.