Thursday, December 07, 2006

Remember Today

We were basically at peace. We didn't really want to get involved with the problems of all those people half a world away from us. On this day we were forced to take a position. The number of dead wasn't important. The ships lost, the airplanes, the point that woke us up and showed us that there was an enemy out there and they wanted to destroy our way of life was that they attacked America herself.

Bless those. like my Dad, who at a time where we easily could have given up with our fleet destroyed, could have just given up, but instead signed up to defend the principles of our country.

The sacrifices were incredible, to our unreal beliefs of how a war can be fought today (our soldiers don't get shot and there are not civilians caught in the fights). Thousands dying in one day, but no backing down on the home front. They knew evil when they saw it and were willing to stand up and face it.

My undying gratitude and God bless you all who fought or those who worked to support this cause.