Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Only Look LIke Terrorists"

Once again the left proves that they only think about one's race making them the racists again.

From a Washington Post article by Eugene Robinson:

TSA outcry is really a call for profiling

He goes through all the explanations of why we should give up our rights and just submit to a total invasion of privacy and then at the end...the bombshell.

If we only search people who "look like terrorists," al-Qaeda will send people who don't fit the profile. It's no accident that most of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers were from Saudi Arabia; at the time, it was easier for Saudi nationals to get U.S. visas than it was for citizens of other Arab countries. If terrorists are clever enough to hide powerful explosives in ink cartridges, then eventually they'll find a suicide bomber who looks just like you, me or Granny.

I hate to break it to him, but there are a hell of a lot more to profiling a person than just there race.

Did they buy their ticket with cash? Are they acting odd? There are numerous indicators that someone should receive extra scrutiny outside of just "looking like a terrorist".

Unless we get pass this idea that ONLY Arab looking guys are going to be pulled aside, we will just continue to have to endure the sideshow that screening is today.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Follow Up To My Last Post

I spent the time since my last post thinking about how to just piss off the TSA, and I figured that getting in line and striping down to my boxers and putting my clothes into the baskets going through the x-ray machine might embarrass them enough. (I'm in my mid 50's and I could care less what other people think of my skinny, but not bad physique)

Turns out the German's beat me to it.

My next airline travel date is in February and if this prblem isn't worked out by then, drop by Burbank airport and watch the show.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm A Dirty Old Man

Re: this Growing backlash against TSA body scanners, pat-downs

I am sick of these half-assed steps to getting to where they are going in order to travel by airplane!!! They insist that by going through these machines that no pictures are going to show up on the internet with enahnced pictures of the likes of Angelina Jolie, Megan Kelly, Jolene Blalock or Jeri Ryan.

I swear, if they would just quit the beating aroung the bush crap and go to the straight strip naked to get through security and board a plane it would accomplish two things.

1) no bombs or weapons on planes

2) the airline industry would be financially secure forever.

I know that a major portion of my income would be used to fly to and from places just so I could see naked women. (That's how guys think....surprise!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WH rewrote Gulf spill report to support moratorium


12,000 people lost their jobs because of some "creative" editing of the report on the Gulf spill, but hey, that's no big thing over protecting the environment.

The White House rewrote crucial sections of an Interior Department report to suggest an independent group of scientists and engineers supported a six-month ban on offshore oil drilling, the Interior inspector general says in a new report.

In the wee hours of the morning of May 27, a staff member to White House energy adviser Carol Browner sent two edited versions of the department report’s executive summary back to Interior. The language had been changed to insinuate the seven-member panel of outside experts – who reviewed a draft of various safety recommendations – endorsed the moratorium, according to the IG report obtained by POLITICO.

“The White House edit of the original DOI draft executive summary led to the implication that the moratorium recommendation had been peer-reviewed by the experts,” the IG report states, without judgment on whether the change was an intentional attempt to mislead the public.

And let's not forget the 1.8 Billion dollars lost to the economy. The drilling rigs that went away rather than sit idle during the moratorium that ain't coming back...particularly any that went to Brazil, paid for with US taxpayer money to do DEEP WATER DRILLING!

The WH is claiming it was a misunderstanding...there was nothing to misunderstand! The Eco-Nazis in this administration rewrote the report so it would be interpreted to back up their desire to stop oil exploration on our coasts.

Jobs lost, houses foreclosed on all over not letting a crisis go to waste. Effing socialists.