Sunday, October 24, 2010

She Worked So Hard

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.

The Reawakening

A sign that the people of this country are reawakening and once again standing up and proclaiming their pride in this country.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Despare And Hope

I caught this video on the tube this afternoon and it sent a shiver down my spine.

While cruising by the Rott this evening, I caught this and I got some stiffness back.

Vote! They haven't destroyed us yet.

I Want My Job To Go Union

So I don't have to care about it anymore.

The other day I worked my normal 12 hour shift, got off, went home feed the dogs and, being it had been a busy day, went to bed early. An hour and a half later, my phone was going off. The power had gone off at work for about five seconds and when it came back on, the surge from one of our pumps blew a hold in a 8 inch pipe. A pipe that the site cannot run without.

So, it was back to work I go on a wet drizzly night.

My company lacks basic tools and supplies. In order to prop up the pipe that needed fixing, I had to pull the jack from my truck out to hold it in place and get to where the work needed to be done.

It took 7 hours to get the site back up to speed then I was able to go home, feed the dogs and get about 3 1/2 hours sleep so I could go back for an 8 hour shift. I even juggled the hours on my time sheet so that the company wouldn't get nailed for my working 20 hours in a day.

I really don't want my company to go Union, but after a day like that it would have been nice to just say "I can't help, the rules won't let me. Take it up with the Shop Steward". My co-worker and I were quit proud of getting everything running again and knowing that the company didn't lose too much production, as we were able to keep half the site running during the disaster.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tea Party Hypocrasy?

One of the canards thrown at the Tea Party crowd is that we are hypocrites because while we want small government, we don't want to lose our Social Security.

No, I don't want to lose my Social Security! I've INVESTED money in my retirement for 40 years now with government coercion. Give me the money removed from my paychecks, that is supposedly sitting in some lock box, and let me deal with it. I think I could do better than the 1.23 percent.

Even with the few working years left to me, I doubt I could come out worse.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Guess My Boy Still Loves Me

I received a package from my kid today. He's still stuck in Korea for another year and we don't get to talk enough due to the time difference, but I got confirmation the brat is still thinking of me...kind of a parent care package... or a bribe, I'm not sure which. He wants me to sent him two aircraft encyclopedias that weigh about 5 lbs. each.

I had asked for this when he first went over and for about it. His Division patch. He sent one regular and one cammo.

I guess I better haul my butt down to the post office and get those books off to him.

He had mentioned this once before, but with our typical 2 AM conversations, I had forgotten about this also. Some Army playing cards for the NorKos'

And then just as a added bonus he included a cool Tshirt

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Have A New Hero

(Sorry, I have to use a link, the embed has an error in it.)

I wonder if she's a native Arizonan or a emigrant "Snow Bird" or transplant from Kalifornia. I know where I'd put moy money.

Monday, October 04, 2010

A Civics Test

I stumbled across this today: How Long Since You've Taken A Civics Exam?

I was a little leery going in, I haven't taken a test on anything in years, but was pleased with the results.

You answered 30 out of 33 correctly — 90.91 %

Average score for this quiz during October: 73.7%

From the summary of this test:

Seventy-one percent of Americans failed this basic test. The overall average score was only 49%, with college graduates also failing at 57%.

And I'm one of those dumb TEA Party ignoramuses that just understand what is going on in this country.