Monday, September 18, 2006

The Long Season

It took me 24 hours to pull out of my funk regarding the prospects for the Raiders this year and I have resigned myself to a long and unhappy season.

At first I was blaming lack of production on Brooks not fitting into the scheme, but now it's obvious that the raiders just have no, none, nada front offensive line. They can't stop the rush for 4 seconds, they can't stop the rush for 2 seconds. If the opposing team didn't have to run over them just by their bodies being there, we could just eliminate those positions.

The high point of the game for me was the defense. Playing the whole first quarter, outside of the few plays where the offense just gave the ball back to the other team, held the Ravens to just 3 field goals.

Next week at least we have a 50-50 chance of not hurting ourselves---we have a bye. Then the test. We have Cleveland and San Francisco, if we can't win these games, then I'm going to have to pick another team for the rest of the year. I'll still be a Raider fan and watch and root for them, but reality has to take hold at some point and I can't be completely depressed for the next year hoping for the impossible.

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GUYK said...

yeah, I have the same funk about the Bucs. The defense is getting old..they have the experience but have lost that step of speed that gave them the edge and all the interceptions. Simms is still a season away from breaking out...if he ever does. The talent is there overall from the coaching staff to the special teams but getting it all together mentally is the problem.