Saturday, March 11, 2006

This and That

Tom Fox was found dead in Iraq. Shot in the head. This man wasn't on a side, all he wanted to do was to help the people of Iraq, so the Swords of Righteousness Brigade kidnapped him, tortured him, killed him and threw him in a garbage dump.

I don't necessarily agree with his position on the was, but neither do I wish him ill for trying to see that medicine got to clinics and provided a link between jailed Iraqis and their families.

Religion of Peace--my ass.

This ones should disturb everyone. Google, the most used search engine for the internet has started censoring their search results here in the United States. If you run a search on The Peoples Cube, a satirical website that pokes fun at the left, it has disappeared. This happening here should strike fear into everyone who uses the net to find information. Google has now set themselves up as the arbiter of what is worthy of being read, rather than letting the internet users themselves decide by how often a site is searched.

Enough for today, work was busy and even though there were a lot of things that irked me I have just run out of gas.

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