Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Prez Speaks

I was off work today and was able to watch the President's speach and Q&A today in West Virginia. The tone of his speach was something I hadn't heard from him in quite a while. It dovetailed off his exchange with Helen Thomas yesterday and made his rating, in my eyes, go up a couple of points.

I'm still not completely behind him on all issues, but at least he's out and explaining what and why he has made the moves he has. I have always been behind going to Afganistan and Iraq, though not to thrilled wiht how it was being handled. The difference now is he is saying we made mistakes and this is how we have changed policy to adapt. That is what I and the rest of the country needed to hear from him.

I must point out that the favorite part of the Q&A session was when the wife of the military media soldier said her husband had multiple DVD's of the goood things that were happening in Iraq and why weren't the MSM showing this side of being there? The standing ovation said it all. People are aware that we are doing more than just running around shooting at terrorists, and why doesn't that ever get on TV?

I hope the major media outlets take note of that responce and gets off their butts and make an effort to at tleast appear to present a balanced presentation.


Hujonwi said...

Another member of the Pirate Fleet...
Have been looking around for jobs my self. Saw your post on our blog fathers site. I'm an electronics type, worked broadcast before I started my own biz that went under. I'm open to travel and relocate after I finish things up here. USN vet. Ya don't need to post this comment. I didn't see an email for ya.
Take Care.

Missouri Mule said...

Perhaps Bush is out there telling the folks he made mistakes because even his own party has had it with his llies and seeing how the're even talking about impeaching him he figured it was time to take his dog and pony show back on the road to energize his base? Ya think?

And as far as the Lady's comment about how well things are going in Iraq, do you really believe anyone is allowed to attend any event taht the President apprears at that has an opposing view? =

He was so rude to Helen Thomas because she ask him a real question, (something I might add he can not do) and he didn't have an answer to her question and never will. You know his drill. "You're either we me or against me." All or nothing, black or white...something that even spupid sheep can understand.

Iraq did not attack us. He had this war planned loooooooong before 9/11 and he has lied. That's a fact. But really, what could you expect from a man that calls the Constitution a "goddam piece of paper?"

But hey, if you want your tax dollars spent on world wars and lining the pockets of Halliburton, go for it.

SoCalOilMan said...

I'm assuming that when you say "how they're talking about impeaching him", you meant they were the Dhimicrats, and censure for impeach. Outside of the wacko right and left wing sites, I haven't heard any impeachment threats lately.

"do you really believe anyone is allowed to attend any event taht the President apprears at that has an opposing view? "
I remember all those forays into enemy territory that Clinton made to face questioning by the VRWC. I don't really recall any President putting himself in the sites of the oppossiton.

"He was so rude to Helen Thomas because she ask him a real question"
Helem did not actually ask a question, she made a statement of her "feelings" on the subject and asked President Bush to respond to something that wasn't true. If she can't keep up on the current news and just wants to live with the memes from last year, that's her right.

"He had this war planned loooooooong before 9/11"
I wonder who's plan went back farther, Bush's or Al Queda? And let's not let the Iraqi documents showing the relation between Saddam and OBL cloud the argument.