Sunday, March 19, 2006

Student Riots Over Jobs

With excerpts from"French police subdue riots over jobs law
ANGELA CHARLTON Associated Press

With youth unemployment at 24% nationwide and 50% for "impoverished youth" (wonder who that could be), fwench students are rioting in the streets about a new bill that would make it easier to fire someone during the first two years of employment. In fwance that isn't a lot of time on the job with a 35 hour maximum work week, 5 weeks vacation and 12 holidays, damn, they get more days off than my kid in high school, and I wonder when he has time to learn anything being he always seems to be off.

In an apparent effort to set fire to a police van serving as a blockade, protesters instead torched the entrance of a nearby Gap store, apparently by accident, engulfing the small porch in flames.

Appearantly, they're going to need the job security if they are so inept that they set a store on fire instead of a van.
Companies are often reluctant to add employees because it is hard to let them go if business conditions worsen.

Obviously they do not teach economics in college there. A business that is doing good now may want to expand to increase production, if it doesn't work out you would want to lay off people. In fwance you can't, once you hire someone they are your's for life. The answer, don't hire anyone and don't take a chance on growing your business.
Critics say the contract abolishes labor protections crucial to the social fabric.

The socialist fabric is more like it. Employment for life regardless of whether you can do the job or not.
"Aren't we the future of France?" asked Aurelie Silan, a 20-year-old student who joined a river of protesters in Paris.

If you are Aurelie, the country might as well just turn out the lights now and save the electric bill.

If someone is not capable of stying interested in their job and trying hard to make money for the company for two years, what kind of employee are they going to be in 5, 10, 15 years? Remember, if you hire them, you cannot fire them. You pay their salary for life.

The shortened work week was originally set up to enable companies to hire a few more people to fill those extra five hours each week from the other employees, but it didn't work that way. Instead everyone just worked less time.

fwance is coming to a crossroad on this, with unemployment so high they are not going to be able to pay the retirement benefits promised. They were counting on being able to tap into the Euopean Union to stave it off longer, but it looks like the EU is not going to be what fwance intended it to be.


VANDEA said...

OH my god come on you spoiled fwench brats.Get a life, work hard, do well and your employer will keep you... duhhh.

SoCalOilMan said...

I have often dreamed of having a job where I don't have to care about my performance. When I work graveyard shift, I try to have a simple little project to try to accomplish, just something simple that would be a waste for the day guys to do.

Some of the others just figure it's a babysitting job and being there is enough. Pisses me off, but I'm still low senority at my company. I just hope that in the long run it'll add up in my favor if it becomes necessary to lay someone off.