Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Brucia's Killer Sentenced to Death for 11-Year-Old's Murder

I just happened to be on the phone with my Dad while the judge was reading the sentence. My Dad said the judge had been reading his sentence for over an hour. this really made me nervous, usually when it takes this long to explain something, it more often than not isn't good news. The sentence was death.

Did we high five or go whoo-who? No. We just went thank you that this animal will have to pay the ultimate price for what he did. He tortured and killed an eleven year old child.

During a hearing last month, Smith tearfully apologized for his crimes, telling the judge that he took large amounts of heroin and cocaine in an attempt to kill himself on the day he abducted Brucia in 2004.

Well, you didn't take enough to spare us the resposibility of having to do this for you. Your instincts were right, you no longer are fit to live in this society.

Smith said he did not remember much about that day and asked the judge to spare him for the sake of his family.

This statement make me wonder, do you not remember what happened that day because you were blitzed before the crime, or you realized what pond scum you are and then took the drugs to wipe out that image of yourself? And spare him for the sake of his family? What, do you think your family will want to visit you to discuss your imput on their science fair project? Your wife is going to wait for you? I would think your family would be the first to want you blotted out so they never have to think that they were related to you. Every time you appeal to stay your sentence, your family will be spotlighted by the media to find out if they want their Husband/Dad dead. How would you feel if you had to say "Yes, my father was an evil person who did a dispicable thing and should be dead"?


sig94 said...

We were also watching this in the office and I figured that he was toast. The judge was putting his reasons for the death sentence "on the record", because this is what the appeals court will look at. Nothing to do with justice anymore; from this point on it's all procedure. The judge was covering all the bases in his hour long presentation.

SoCalOilMan said...

I have to admit , I wasn't waiting, hanging with with baited breath for the sentence, just the amount of time scared me. I didn't even know it was on until I called my Dad. I just get conscerned when someone take so long to explain ther position. In this case it was correct, but living in California, it's usually to justify why it wasn't the criminal's fault.