Thursday, March 30, 2006

Now, What Was I Going To Say?

I have calmed down since yesterday, but I am actually madder at this whole situation than I was. The more I read and see, the more I just want to start sweeps of the neighborhoods and load these people up and ship 'em back to there home country.

They show no respect for this country and no respect for the education that they are receiving here. I could rant on for pages on this, but I think I will just link to some sites that cover what I would be saying.

This hits on El Presidente Vincente Fox's total disdain for anything we do to try to stem the flow accross our southern border.
Vicente Fox Needs a Lesson in Civility from Human events Online

Using some revisionist history (maybe they did learn something in our schools) the groups sponsoring the marches (riots) have decided that the gringos have to leave their land. What about the Indians that the Mexicans killed and displaced to take this land.
Marchers say gringos, not illegals, have to go from WorldNetDaily

From Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily
Notice how these people are not asking for a favor, they are demanding their "right" to stay in a country they violated with their first act.

I was the only white employee at a company for 30 years. All the guys that I worked with were Mexican and came here legally, and I had a hard time understanding why they were always so pissed off at the illegals that we'd see while working out in the oil field. They would tell me about a brother or cousin that was all cleared to come here, had a job lined up, only to be told the job went to some illegal that (of course) would work for less.

I went through the previous two amnesty programs that were suppose to take care of the problem. All they did was make it worse. They now know if they can get in the country and lay low for 5 to 10 years, there'll be another amnesty, so why wait and try to do it the correct way.

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