Sunday, March 12, 2006

Teacher's Union Upset Again

The Teacher's Union in Chicago is upset. The district is going to post the number of sick days a teacher takes on the internet and on student report cards.

The average number of days missed is 12. The district considers 18 days a teaching month (4 weeks x 5 days = 18? new math), so teachers miss 1 month out of the 9.5 they are suppose to be on the job. I know they are trapped in a room with disease ridden children, but give me a break. I have worked for the last 30+ years outdoors in all kinds of weather and I have taken 8 sick days, and a couple of those were half days where I went home after trying. I went in, told them I didn't feel well and was willing to work until they could do without me. I went home slept llike the dead, and made it to work the next day.

The Teacher's Union is saying this is "UNFAIR" to let the public know how many days a teacher weren't at their job. The teacher's employer is THE PUBLIC. We pay you to teach our kids, you are a public servant. Get that into your head. We always hear how you went into teaching because you care about the children. Well, provide an example by showing up to work and teach them that sometimes sticking to something even when you don't quit feel like it is the way life goes. or is it I don't feel like doing this today so "Mental Health Day", screw my employer?

Oh. I almost forgot the most often missed day was Friday.

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