Friday, March 10, 2006

Alabama Church Fires

It seems that the series of arsons that occurred around Alabama have been solved. Three college age guys (adults) did it as a joke. A joke? I don't get it.

I might understand one idiot thinking it would be amusing to burn down a church, but to convince two others of how funny it would be to destroy property really makes me wonder what in the hell is going on. This reminds me of the rash of destruction a few years ago where kids were going into new housing developments and rampaging, breaking fixtures and putting holes in walls. Just for fun. At least in the house rampages the kids knew no one was inside and going to get hurt.

At the churches, how did these asshats know there was nobody inside? Someone could have been staying overnight for any number of reasons, sanctuary from an abusive spouse, caretaker, any number of reasons. They were just lucky.

What is going to happen to these ADULTS? One of them, through his lawyer, has stated he realizes he has screwed up and has put his future in jeopardy. Yeah, he has. When any of these guys are released from prison (if they do any time at all) they should be forced to pay restitution for rebuilding every one of the churches, the FULL amount.

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