Monday, March 13, 2006

Goodbye Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Isaac Hayes has left South Park. He will no longer be providing the voice of Chef. The reason, he feels the show does not show respect to religion. If you have every watched South Park you might be surprised that after all this time he had now decided that the show is disrepectful of different religions. Every week they pick on Kyle for being a Jew not to mention the Jesus v Santa Claus show. They have let the muslims have it in a few episodes. They figure there is something to skewer about any subject. However it seems that they stepped over the line, as far as Hayes is concerned by attacking Scientology. He never comes out and says that is the specific reason, but after 9 years, he finally realizes that they make fun of religion. This revelation came to him after they did a spoof on Scientology. I probably should memtion that Isaac is a Scientologist. Guess it isn't so funny when it's your ox being gored.

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