Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh Fer Christ's Sake

One of those stories you read and go WTF!? How the hell could displaying the Globe and Anchor and patriotic sentiments on your car with window decals and bumper stickers be considered "advertising"?

Notice that, of course, political, health and other PC-like opinions are not targeted, just the military stickers and expressions of love of freedom. This reminds me of the thugs from the Black Panthers that were deemed not to be intimidating voters at the poles by standing in the doorway dressed in paramilitary uniforms, thumping a baton in there hand and telling people to get use to the country being run by blacks as not being worthy of prosecution. (one rule for thee...)

My parents lived in a HOA run development for a while. They thought they knew what they were getting into when they bought the house. One of the bylaws was that the front of the houses had to have a uniform problem, they thought.

Their front door was half way up the side of the house and not visible from the street. There was no screen door originally and living close to the coast they wanted to be able to leave the door open to take advantage of the ocean breeze to cool the house, and couple of houses had been burglarized, so they installed a security screen door. Nice looking. After a couple of months they got a letter from the HOA stating that the screen door was out of compliance and had to be removed. You couldn't see this door unless you walked up the pathway and turned a corner. The reasoning was that it was the "front door" so it was considered part of the front of the house.


It took another two months to get the bylaws amended to allow security screen doors (only off an approved list of screen doors), all the while my parents were racking up penalties, eventually set aside, for not removing the door.

The person who was trying to enforce this rule was the only one on the board that fought to keep her interpretation of compliance, the rest of the board and the homeowners all were for the change.

Cases of some busybody trying to exercise their supposed power over those they rule.

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