Friday, May 15, 2009

Ding Dong< The Wicked Witch Is Dead

After decades of having to put up with this shrew "representing" ME, I think I can finally see the end of this.

Pelosi, after all these years has had her equivocating and lying pile up so deep, she can't dodge it any longer.

Pelosi: CIA misled her on waterboarding

WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bluntly accused the CIA on Thursday of misleading her and other lawmakers about its use of waterboarding during the Bush administration, escalating a controversy grown to include both political parties, the spy agency and the White House.

"It is not the policy of this agency to mislead the United States Congress," responded CIA spokesman George Little, although he refused to answer directly when asked whether Pelosi's accusation was accurate.

But the House's top Democrat, speaking at a news conference in the Capitol, was unequivocal about a CIA briefing she received in the fall of 2002.

"We were told that waterboarding was not being used," the speaker said. "That's the only mention, that they were not using it. And we now know that earlier they were." She suggested the CIA release the briefing material.

She says she was informed that waterboarding could, but wasn't, being used at the first briefing. What the hell did she think they even brought it up for if the CIA wasn't considering it's use. If she believed it to be wrong at that point, why didn't she raise the point then?

I can tell you why. One of three things:

1) She really did get briefed on it and supported it. ("Are you sure we're doing enough?")

2) She did get briefed on it, but didn't want to look like the wuss she is about protecting, or caring, the citizens of the U.S. from another attack.

3)(most likely)She was there, but just didn't hear it. She was just stuck in another of those committee meetings that look good on her resume, and wasn't listening to what was happening around her.

She has now altered what she's said so many times, she can't even remember what the truth of the moment is:

She was just informed by her aide that a briefing had taken place...nothing important...nothing you should worry your pretty little empty head about Senator.

She now is accusing the CIA of lying to her and misleading Congress.

"Yes, I am saying that they are misleading - that the CIA was misleading the Congress," Pelosi said.

She's kicked a dog that isn't going to take it lying down. If she believes the CIA is going to let this aspersion on their reputation sit, she's crazier that I thought she was. I think it shows in that last clip that she's just treading water now with no shore in sight.

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