Friday, June 05, 2009

Home Tomorrow

Just talked to the boy. He's about 1/2 hour away from Montgomery Regional Airport where he'll get to spend the night sleeping on the floor. No USO's in Alabama. He'll hit the tarmac at LAX at 10:30 tomorrow morning which means I get to hang around work for 3 hours after my shift being work is 1/2 way to LAX from my house.

I spent the last two days getting his car insured, registered and smogged. Thank G-d for AAA. Chris should have handled this before he left, but didn't, so dear old Dad got to deal with it. I forged his signature so many times I can sign his name better than he can.

I'll only get to see him for about 2 hours because he's coming home dropping off his gear, loading up what he wants and is taking off for 3 days of camping with one of his buddies.

He got totally screwed on the Home Town Recruiter, his commander wouldn't let anyone tie their leave before deployment to an HTR, BUT... you can only do HTR right after boot and training.

Also, for reasons know only to the Army, he has to fly back to Alabama (on his dime) at end of leave to fly to Korea. Even though the plane flies from Alabama to LAX then to Korea.

Ah well, he'll be home for ten days, that's something.

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