Friday, April 28, 2006

United 93--Too Soon?

Tomorrow I'm going to go see United 93.

I have heard the arguements that it's just too soon. I don't understand how this can be too soon, outside of just never wanting to think about it. It has been over 4 years since this attack on the United Staes occured and there are, still, people that do not want to deal with the reality that a group of animals were willing to hijack innocent passengers flying on an airplane and crash them into a building of innocent office workers, IN THE NAME OF ALLAH.

Since 9/11, the news agencies have put a moritorium on showing the planes flying into the Twin Towers. The films of people jumping to their death from the windows of the towers was censored from the beginning, with the thinking that "we the people" might get really upset. Well this movie is a chance to see what our enemy is willing to do to us in order to acheive their caliphate. Would I have been "upset" by the people jumping from the building so as not to burn to death, damn straight, and I think we should all have watched, just to make it clear what happened that day.

I will post tomorrow on my thoughts on this movie.

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