Thursday, April 20, 2006

90 Shots

This is the target from yesterday. 90 rounds by me with the XD-40. Started out pulling left, then correted and started shredding the middle. Then fatigue started to set in and started just pulling the trigger, so I got a little wild.

While breaking consentration pisses me off, part of the test with this piece now is number of rounds through it using specific ammo without problems. Like I said yesterday, my 10/22 has had between 50-70,000 rounds through it in 30 years, and has mischambered only once. Being it shot another 100 rounds after that perfectly, I would tend to believe it was an flaw in the ammo.


GUYK said...

Back in the early 1980s maybe '81 when I was in Alaska I bought a 10-22 and the sights were bad. I put a cheap scope on it and sighted it in and it was perfect. So I bought another 10-22 and damn if it wasn't the same way. So I scoped it for my wife. But I still wanted a plinking rifle and bought a cheap marlin Glendive-I think it was or something like that. It was accurate enough to plink off birds-ptarmigan but after a few years after five or sic rounds in a hurry it wasn't accurate at all. Must have been something to do with the heat. But I put 10s of thousand of rounds thru the 10 22s and they are still good rifles. Not my favorite but they do hold up. I have an old Stevens .22 semi that I have had since I was a kid that still shoots as accurate as it ever did and no telling how many times it has been fired. It was used when I got in in 1954.

SoCalOilMan said...

My 10-22 was the Bicentenial model (1976). Never had to adjust the sites, the old girl just has been a war horse for me. Of course it was my first gun, so it may be I just adapted to the gun, not having any preconceived idea on how to site.