Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pirate Action at DailyKos

The Pirate Armada boarded the DailyKos today and had a real discussion going on one of the threads. When I dropped by it was up to 140 comments. That was when it started to get weird. Comments started disappearing. The reason:
Your comments haven't been deleted, you just can't see them.

We have no moderators nor overlords. Comments that are rated as written by trolls become invisible to said trolls. Trusted users can see your spew, in all its idiocy.

Now, run home - your mommies are calling

Ah, nothing like free and open debate. I sure that Uncle Stalin would be proud of them. "We didn't delete it, you are just not allowed to see it". Newspeak at it's finest. If you think you are losing, ignore the argument, hide the evidence, and pretend it never happened.

Dred Pundit Bluto has some hi-lights of the raid here

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LC Scotty said...

It would be analogous to the library taking some books deemed to be disagreeable and locking them up so that only the chosen few librarians can read them. They're still "in the library" so the haven't been "removed". You or I just don't get to read them.