Tuesday, April 11, 2006

If I'm Up For Election--The Case Must Go On

The Prosecutor, district attorney Durham County D.A. Mike Nifong-D, of the Duke University LaCrosse team came out today and said that even though the DNA evidence doesn't tie any of the players to the rape charges against them, he will proceed with the case.

Every legal analyst who has postulated on this has opined that should be the death knell as far as going after the team members, but there could be something we don't know, however they sure would like to know what it could be.

My opinion...Mr. Nifong was appointed to fill a vacant position and is now up for his first election. If he lets these white privileged boys off at his point, he will be dead meat. He is going to string this out for political advantage for the next three weeks (past the election) then let the case fade away. The man is letting politics run his enforcement of justice and the voters in his district had better pay attention and make sure they don't come under suspicion of anything around next election time.

In order for him to hold on to his position, he is more than willing to sacrifice the Coach of the LaCrosse team and the 46 young players.

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