Thursday, August 20, 2009

16 Year Old Mexican Indian Virgin Girls

HA!!! Caught you again!

This is an internet ritual for me that goes back two years.

It started with this: 14 year old Mexican indian virgin girls

Continued to this: 15 Year Old Mexican Indian Virgins

I'll tell you, they are still the largest entry page. At least 5 to 1.

For your patience, I'll give you some music.

Videos are non-existent for these two movies that were complete surprises when I first saw them.

"Phantom of the Paradise" was an extra, we went to see something else, but they stuck this movie in first. It was a combination of Faust and Phantom of the Opera with a rock sound track.

This is Jessica Harper doing two raw takes of "Special To Me".

Great voice!

You'll have to go to the link because there is no embed and seeing her sing is way better that looking at an album cover.

Phantom of the Paradise - Special To Me - Jessica Harper

This one is not really a video, just the album cover, but I love this song (and the movie), I was on the slow side of learning about this movie, but as much as I got sucked into this movie (I probably went 20-25 times), I never dressed up or went up on stage.

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