Monday, February 27, 2006

DP World's 'Control' of the Ports

I have to wonder if we are condemning the UAE the same way that Ms. DipShit condemned the Danes. Using the positions held by the respective countries in the past.

The Danes were castigated for their socialist government of the past that has been cast aside by the people. This was overlooked, or ignored, in order to back the assertion that Denmark was not an ally to be trusted.

I think that after 9/11 and the fall of the Taliban in Afganistan, the UAE looked around and decided they would rather be with us. They rewrote their banking laws to stop laundering money, was the first to allow U.S. Customs to inspect cargo in their ports and has supplied us with a badly needed deep water port with drydock facilities and air bases in the region.

Do I really trust them to have my back? No, but as long as they stay on the edge of my sight where I can watch them…. I don’t think that their acting as a middleman between shipping companies and the longshoremen is going to affect our port security.

As far as knowlege of military shipments in the advent of buildup towards another conflict, how secret was the buildups to Desert Storm or Gulf War II? Plus the first port they would put into in the region would probably be DP World-administered Jebel Ali Port in Dubai.

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