Friday, January 23, 2009

White Is The New Black

Somehow, I don't think MLK had this in mind.

You don't disqualify someone because the are other than white, you now disqualify them because they are white.

Though the country is deep shit economically, all this taxpayer money being laid out doesn't...shouldn't go to the most qualified needs to be spent for "high social return".

The official Federal policy now is "It doesn't matter whether you are the most qualified, you just fill the quota of the right number of people of that ethnic slot that needs to be filled.

According to Rangel, the States that have to count on these projects are going to have to abide by the number of minorities and women hired for that project in order to get the money to do the job that needs to be done.

The Feds will have to make sure that the "formulas" are met.

Rangel also pointed out that they don't have to worry about the "Middle Class" as they will be working too hard to pay attention to this boondoggle...until they lose their job due to this reverse discrimination.

A little thing that makes me wonder: Construction worker = Union.

Why would they target one of their base?

Perhaps with the taxes Congress plans to impose, they know these existing middle class workers are going to be a wee bit upset that they are expected to pay more taxes to fund the give-a-ways?

By then, they will be the ones laid off with no job and counting on Gov't largess to get them through. The new guys will just think these taxes (45%...70%) are what we pay to live in this country. (you did know John Lennon moved to the U.S. to avoid the 70% income tax of Great Britain, while telling us what shits we were for having such a capitalistic society?)

Socialism has come to this country. What you earn is not yours. The house you bought can be taken "for the good of the community", the job you've held for the last twenty years may be in jeopardy because your company is a percentile under the minimum of minorities needed to qualify as acceptable.

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