Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Phone Call From Boot

He started Thursday, they were suppose to get phone privileges on Sunday, BUT, "someone stole" something so privileges where suspended. Lot's of time standing in formation, after little sleep for 4 days waiting for the thief to fess up to the crime.

Chris sensed that nothing had really happened, it was a test. It was a message that any behavior by one person deemed unacceptable to the Sgt's would be paid for by the whole platoon.

He got his phone back Monday for two hours, but when he tried to call me (4 X's), I was at work, cell phone in my locker, so he'd try my number, call someone else to try to get my work number, then try me again. (I told him to enter my work phone, but...) By the time he finally got me the DI's were yelling at them to turn in their phones.

For some reason about 2 hours later, they were reissued their phones for 2 hours and he called me again.

He's really tired (sleep deprivation), he's pissed at the gung ho assholes, and he's been issued an ancient weapon.

Sleep Deprivation: He remembers my stories from going through "Hell Week" in a Frat (ΘΔΧ), and how they used waking you up constantly with only an hours sleep, kinda screws your reasoning processes. I did it for one week, he has about 4 weeks to look forward to.

gung ho assholes: The guys who are sure the Army is what they are here for...they volunteer for Team Leader duty..."they'll be Sgt. by the end of Boot". The Team Leader's job is to make sure their detail is awake for their 1 hour duty at 0200, but they screw up and get the guys up at midnight. When everyone is up, dressed and ready to report, they realize they don't have to report for 1 1/2 hours, no time to go back to bed, so they're up. What should be a two hour duty is now 4+ hours. We agreed that either the DI will point out the error of his ways, or his "team" will let him know.

issued an ancient weapon: His rifle is old!!! He's already figured out the proper sequence of whacking it on one side during assembly, then whacking it on the other to get the bolt to work properly. He is very happy he spent time learning how to clean my guns.

There is the typical mental BS they put them through, He has to know the SecDef (The Right Honorable Robert Gates) and all the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was scared to death that they would change today (the Inauguration of Obambi), but I assured him that with Gates still three, nothing will change for a week or two.

He graduates March 25, I'm trying to find the monies to fly out there to be there, and by G-d, I think I may pull it off. I've got 3 weeks vacation this year and I'd only have to use 3 work days. My Foreman is an Army brat and realizes this is an important day and said he'd do what he can to clear it, even though there is a ban on vacations until June. I have a five day "long change" on the end of his graduation, so as long as I'm in the South, I have a chance to visit a very close friend in Birmingham, Al.

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