Thursday, January 15, 2009

I've Heard From Chris!!!

I got my first letter from my son since the Army drug him off a week ago. He wrote it by flashlight after lights out and psyching himself up for "fire patrol" from 0300 to 0400 (I'm learning this Army lingo :) ).
He was awake for over 40 hours from the time they left L.A. til he got bunked down at Ft. Benning. Due to his JROTC stint, he was made team leader and got to shepherd a group through all the indoctrination process.

He's wearing his ACU's now and is realizing he's just a cog in the military machine. He felt unique in HS in his Air Force ROTC uniform being they were 100 out of 900, now everyone wears a uniform.

I've gone from counting the days when he would leave and I'd get the house to myself, to missing him and wishing I could at least talk to him on the phone. The good news is he misses home and is looking forward to coming back, but that is still four months down the road.

Now I'm just counting the days until I see him again.

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