Friday, August 25, 2006

Life Is Intruding On My Life

Haven't been posting regularly lately due to life just getting to damn busy.

I've posted about my trucks 100K overhaul, which meant I didn't have a vehicle for a couple weeks, then my water heater crapping out which, outside of the additional unexpected financial hit, extended my work day to 16 hours for a week (normal work day at the oil site plus coming home and buying supplies, mounting equipment to the wall, re-plumbing the hookups, ect.).

The thing I haven't talked about is that I have also been putting out feelers for a new job. My company hasn't produced a drop of oil since February, and I've lost faith that the owners of the company have a definite plan to get things going again. We start a work-over job on a well - get 75% of the way through - come up with a new plan - stop - move the rig - start - get 75% through - new infinitum. At $8 to $12K/day for a rig and crew, this is not a business plan that makes sense.. at least to a lowly site operator like me.

My search is not in panic, I have a job, but my belief is that it is better to look for a job when you don't need it, rather than have to take whatever is offered because you do not have a job and nasty phone calls are coming in about that bill that's a "little" overdue.

If anyone who passes through here knows of a job for someone who has the common sense to get a job done under all circumstances, i.e. we have the Money to do it right so fix it, or we need to make this work till we get the money and then will fix it correctly, I'm the guy you want.

As far as posts, I do have about five rants down on paper that I worked on in fits and starts, but now they're mostly old news. I thought about scanning them and posting them as a jpeg file on Photobucket, but even I have problems reading my scratching, and I know what I was thinking when I wrote it.

Right now, I think I'll just hang on to them and incorporate them into future postings when then subjects cycle through again, as I'm sure they will.

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