Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Phone Gods Hate Me

Another Sunday, and another week that I didn't get to talk to Chris.

I don't know what was going on on his side, but I had my phone with me all day. He didn't get his cell phone, but tried to call me three times on a pay phone (I recognized the area code). When I'd would immediately cut off the call.

I'm really PO'd! It's down to crunch time and I could use some info on when he gets released from Benning and when he has to report to many nights do I have to be where?

I'm trying to get everything for the trip nailed down as much as I can so that we can just relax and enjoy the little time we have without too much stress. I'm flying all the way across the country to spend time with my son, that I haven't seen in over two months, and now I'm getting really stressed.

From his last letter he was in the "elite" platoon, but it sounded like the other platoons were total screw ups and his platoon just didn't screw up as much.

That he didn't get his cell phone today is an indication someone(s) in his platoon screwed up royally. That he was allowed to use the pay phone at the end of the day, says it probably wasn't him.

I've got the flight, I've got the car, I've got new luggage. I'm going to the South regardless of what happen with him. My friends in Alabama may just end up with a guest that will stay with them longer than they were led to believe.

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