Friday, March 20, 2009

4 Work Days To Go

I haven't been around here or any of the other sites I normally visit. I've been tying up all the loose ends I can for the trip to Ft. Benning. It's down to getting my laundry done and final packing.

My major concern the last couple of days was my auto insurance. I'm renting a car out there and needed to be sure I was covered. Something happened about a month ago that got me stuck in a series of cancellations and reinstatement's. It seemed that every third day I'd get a letter telling me to disregard the previous letter. It culminated in getting a cancellation with a check for $272 of unused premium, followed by a letter saying to disregard the cancellation, followed by a bill for $320.

THAT WAS IT!!! No more internet or telephone communications, I needed to talk face to face with someone. Within 10 minutes of sitting down with the very nice lady, it was determined that I owed $240, I should have "Uninsured Motorist" coverage ($21) and if I endorsed the check they had sent me, I would be rebated $11 for overpayment. More coverage and money the hell does that happen?

I now can rest assured that I do not have to pay the $29 per day rental agency insurance...almost 1/4 of my yearly premium to cover 6 days. Can you say usury?

I've got someone to throw food at the animals, new jeans, new tennis shoes, new luggage, cash in my pocket and some money left in the bank.

I wrote Chris a long letter last night, then realized there was no point in mailing it. Chances are I'll get out there before the letter finds him. I won't let all that work go to waste, I'll just hand deliver it.

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