Wednesday, June 02, 2010

On Edge

I'm not sleeping easily these days.

Since March 26th, I've been a bit more on edge. I have a dog in this hunt. It's my boy. He's one of the 28,500 U.S. troops, facing 1,003,000 NorKo....and I'm hoping that his 540,000 ROK buddies are more motivated and better trained than I've been led to believe.

In the Koreas, Five Possible Ways to War

An Incident at Sea

Shelling the DMZ

A Power Struggle or Coup

An Internal Collapse

A Nuclear Provocation

When Chris enlisted I knew he could be put anywhere in harm's way, but Korea was one of those places that stuck him in a scenario that could go in any direction at any time. In the ME at least you know he's in a hot zone. In Germany, you figure he gets to travel and see some of the world. In Korea, even before the Cheonan, I was uneasy because it is soooo unstable there.

Our military is tied down in the ME, support is going to be slow getting to Korea if things go bad. Plus it looks like we are going to have to back Israel over the blockade incident which will require more assets committed there.

I guess I' just going to have to get use to restless nights for the next 14 months until his post is up. Of course I'll trade my anxiety to, at least, having things stay at the status quo.

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