Saturday, April 18, 2009

This and That

Haven't been around here much lately. Work has been moderately busy. We finally have all the wells running that we can at this time, but the "automated" controls still aren't working, so it keeps you moving, monitoring tank levels and gas pressures.

Politics just give me a headache these days. I watch what's is happening and sense where it's going...and I don't like it!

I finally found the damn cable for the camera to download the pics I took when I went out to see Chris. Of course I found it after I went out and bought a new one. The old one was right in front of me ("If it was a snake....", Oh G-d, I'm channeling my mother!). I'm not much of one for taking pictures, but for posterity, here are the ones worth posting.

This is the barrack that Chris was in at Ft. Benning:

He only wore his Class A's on "Family Day" which was the first time I got to see him after 3 months and he had a few dozen things he wanted to do on his first day of freedom. I didn't think about a picture until it was time to take him back to base, so it was dark and rushed, but I did remember, because he wouldn't put them on again to get another pic.

The next are of his graduation at the National Infantry Museum which opens June 19th. His was the first class to hold the ceremony the rain...and with two platoons graduating at the same time.

The museum from afar:


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The "Follow Me" statue now located in the main entrance to the museum:

Chris is last one in the right column in this one. Notice that our rough and tough soldiers are standing under cover while the families are stuck out in the rain. I looked like a drowned rat when the ceremony was done...and those 25 minutes were the only time it rained all day.

That night, after signing a form promising not to damage gov't property and delivering it to a certain location by a certain time, they let me have my son for 24 hours. We spent the day in Columbus so Chris could spend more of that fat paycheck from Uncle Sam that he couldn't touch for 10 weeks. Stayed one more night in that wonderful city and I got a chance to see my kid once more as I remembered him:

Drove down to Ft. Rucker the next morning and I managed to deliver him undamaged and on time. This is the last time I saw him when I dropped him off at his Company HQ:

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