Thursday, April 02, 2009

Proud Parent Of A Soldier!

He's now officially a soldier. I had to sign a form taking possession and responsibility for my own son in order to drive him to his next post. He's government property for the next 3 1/2 years.

He's just happy to be out of Basic and at a regular post. He got stuck in a platoon with a bunch of screw ups that rebelled at authority. They were all going onto tech fields (no infantry), so they were all bright and some thought they knew more than the Drill Sergeants. The DS's thought otherwise and Chris paid for it. Chris and I had talked quit a bit about mind games and how to get through them before he went in, so he knew to just do what your told, when your told and it'll end in a few weeks, but he couldn't control the other guys.

He's bigger now, his shoulders are huge and he stands up straight all the time. He's an inch taller than me and I found myself standing up straighter while I was around him.

The Army has some interesting rules now. He had to be able to do 30 push ups in like a minute and a half, but the DS can't make them do more than 20 at a time in a certain time period, so he couldn't be pushed to do them and he just barely passed that requirement the day before graduation.

I've talked to him everyday since he got to Rucker and he's a lot happier. He has to have some dental work done and that made him miss his first class, so he's on hold for a week before he starts AIT (Advanced Individual Training) added week before he gets leave to come home.

I have to include his favorite pic from his "yearbook" of him clearing a .50 cal.

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