Wednesday, July 19, 2006


If anyone still drops by, I've just been busy the last few weeks living. With access to my garage restored, I've been busy with little projects and relearning all the little techniques for woodworking that had become rusty from disuse. The pressure of not blogging was building up and I was starting to scare the wife and kid with my rants.

My truck just turned 100,000 miles. I have been putting it in the shop every day and picking it up at night to go to work so my mechanic can go over it, one end to the other, and hopefully get me another 100,000 on her. The only problem I've had is the heater core, which will involve removing the whole dashboard. I will be more attentive to replacing the anti-freeze in the future as the labor alone is going to hit me for $600.

As far as the world at large, these are just some random thoughts on (semi) current events.

*Imagine my surprise when I found out I had been lied to all these years about N. Korea. It was very enlightening when their ambassador to the U.N. informed us that the reason they were developing nukes was that it was their duty to protect Southeast Asia and prevent the U.S. from invading. And here I thought they were the bad guys.

*Proving that when hit in the head enough times almost anyone can eventually learn to duck, I actually heard a speaker for the NAACP mention that he thinks the Democrats may actually just be using them. While stating that he didn't particularly care for the Republicans, he said the Dem's were doing a "two-step" with race issues, promising everything during election years, then kinda forgetting about it till the next election cycle.

I have to wonder how long that guy will be allowed to keep his leadership position?

*After giving up "Land for Peace", Israeli cities continued to have rockets lobbied at them daily from Lebanon and Gaza. Now, with the cross border incursion and kidnapping of IDF soldiers, Israel is accused of an escalation in the violence because they finally said "ENOUGH"!

I keep hearing that the shelling of terrorist strongholds is an "overeaction" to the kidnapping of a few soldiers. Tell that to the families of the 8 soldiers that were killed getting in the way of this minor kidnapping.

The Useless Nitwits were quick with drafting a (U.S. vetoed) condemnation of Israel for responding to these provocations, yet weeks later, cannot bring themselves to think a harsh thought about N Korea trying to launch ballistic missles toward Japan and Hawaii.

Now the UN is working on another ceasefire. Why is it that the Useless Nitwits only call for a ceasefire when Israel decides to shoot back? More waste of paper to issue another resolution that will be ignored by the terrorists. There are 2000 blue helmets in south Lebanon monitoring the last resolution, UNSCR 1559. Near as I can tell, their job was to keep track of the number of Kassam and Katyusha rockets arching overhead, between molesting children and making sure not to interfer with anyone setting up a launch site.

I feel much better now.

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GUYK said...

Great rant and I have been ranting about the same for the past week.

The funny things about those trucks..the power trains are good for a couple of hundred thousand miles but it all the what used to be inexpensive repair that kills us now. I had to replace a starter on a 1996 Dodge about four years ago..$99.99 rebuilt at discount auto. Water pump went a week later, thre bills later it was on the road again just in time to replace the front end..and I had managed to get the air replaced at 98000 miles while it was still under extended warrenty. When the computer went and it would not idle right I said hell with it and traded at a little over 150,000 miles. The engine still only used a pint of oil between changes but I was getting tired of a vehicle I couldn't depend on and I am too gotdam old to work on them now.

From here on out I plan to trade as soon as they start giving me problems and that seems to be in the four year 100,000 mile range. Expensive but so are he damn repairs. I don't have to worry about down time anymore because I am 100 percent retired now but I also don't worry about be left sitting beside the road waithing on a wrecker to come get me.