Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Like You'd Notice

Going to be gone a few days.

I'm bouncing around the house trying to pick up, clean up and pack up so I can get away from here for a few days. My neighbors are going to throw some food at the animals while I'm gone, so as of Thursday morning, I'm outta here!

Four days in Phoenix with some friends that I neglect way too much. Steve is one of my few really close friends, he dates from my attempt at an education at ASU and his lovely...saintly wife, who was is college sweetheart, knows what happens when we get together and try to prove we are still the same as we were (OMG!!!)30 years ago. Of course she knows Steve and I aren't in our 20's anymore and while we brag about all the beer we are going to down...the spirit is willing but our bodies just ain't going to cooperate. Two guys asleep on the couch watching a movie with a PILE of 4 or 5 beer cans (on coasters) strewn before them. (Yeah, laugh it up Pam)

It's just a trip to get out of L.A., but i can ignore politics and responsibility for four days, hell I don't even have to rush home. I don't go back to work until Friday night.

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