Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just Music

Long night at work. Not much happened, so it was just boring and cold. I tried to watch the replay at 1 AM of the USC/Notre Dame game, but I knew the outcome so it wasn't very exciting. I read the blogs till my eyes blurred, so it was Spider solitaire and KROQ to stay awake.

When I hooked into the radio station it was playing some sort of techno/rock/rave stuff that I almost turned off, but I kept listening and kind of enjoyed it. Thought I'd give it a listen next week and see if I still could take it. Turns out it was the guys last show and he thanked all his listeners and signed off before I got any of the artists names.

The next DJ payed some good stuff. Here's a couple that I like.

Foo Fighters - Everlong (live on Letterman)

I listen to "Talk Radio" during the week, so music is only a weekend thing. This one I've heard a few times and I just like it.

Shiny Toy Guns 'GHOST TOWN'

P.S. You guys that post music videos on your blog...give a title or group. If I like it, I hate having to search for it.

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